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Edit Customer DNS Record

Ticket# 237496

1) First we need to know where the client domain is located at
   So we head to the web at http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp
   type in the domain name in the box and search and in this case its called, BUSTERSDIRTSHOP.COM

2) the result should have the following:
     Domain servers in listed order:

3) ssh into our NS1.alchemy.net
    use your username and password login.

4) when you log in, the motd (message of the day) should give you the location
    where to go to get into the name server.


5) go into the name server db location: cd /var/named/chroot/var/named/

6) find the client company name record, in the case [Medium Sized Monster]
    Notes* client company name is available in the nocware ticket system
    cd /mediumsizedmonster/

7) edit the client dns record, in this case db.bustersdirtshop.com
    vi db.bustersdirtshop.com
8) change serial number to YYYYMMDDSS
    (SS=sequence number, you can add more if it get bigger then the 2 digit:
        YYYYMMDDSSS. everytime you change your dns record you need to update
        this because that's how it identify this as a change)

9) do what the customer request, in this case:

    $TTL 600
@               IN      SOA     ns1.alchemy.net.        admin.bustersdirtshop.com. (
                                2011060601      ;Serial
                                12H             ;Refresh
                                15M             ;Retry
                                2W              ;Expire
                                3H              ;Minimum

                IN      NS      ns1.alchemy.net.
                IN      NS      ns2.alchemy.net.
                IN      MX      10 Mail.Global.FrontBridge.com.

                IN      A
www             IN      A
mail            IN      A
catharsis       IN      A
blog            IN      CNAME   ghs.google.com.
ms48813604      IN      CNAME   RED001.mail.microsoftonline.com.

10) save file and exit:

11) run the reload record command:
    Note* you can find this line when you first login or cat /etc/motd

    sudo /usr/sbin/rndc reload && sudo tail -f /var/log/messages

12) done!

13) just for kicks, you can do query for mx record

    13a) http://www.mxtoolbox.com/
    13b) type in the domain bustersdirtshop.com
    13c) you should see the result with
        Pref:         10
        hostname:     Mail.Global.FrontBridge.com

        Reported by [ns2.alchemy.net] or [ns1.alchemy.net] on the [current date and time]

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